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The ”TOP DRIVE SYSTEM“ integrative air spring system is based on the application of additional air springs on lightweight, medium-heavy and heavy transport vehicles.

The system is supplied in kits for the most widely sold models of commercial and industrial vehicles of major European automakers.

The catalogue presently features about 150 different models.

As regards suspensions for heavy vehicles, we have an additional three versions for each model.

The ”TOP DRIVE SYSTEM“ offers numerous advantages, such as:

• greater load elasticity

• less noise and greater driving comfort, since the jolts caused by bumpy road surfaces

  are absorbed by

   the air springs, thus guaranteeing ideal travelling conditions for the driver,

  load and/or passengers

• greater stability and a better road-holding capacity (less rolling)

• excellent reliability

• simple installation

• few maintenance requirements

• decrease in direct stresses on basic vehicle structures

• prevents lowering of the rear axle due to leaf spring fatigue

• allows vehicle levelling

• ensures correct positioning of the headlamps

• enhances load stability during travel

• allows a better distribution of weight on the different vehicle axes, thereby

  improving steering manoeuvres.

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